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    Training Clicker - With Wrist Strap

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    Stop screaming! Click instead.💕

    Spring Clicker is the power behind that strengthen FROM relationship with your beloved pet. It is small enough to carry i hands and have one ergonomic design for ultimate comfort.🐾

    ✅ Flexible and small
    ✅ Activate with one click
    ✅ Improve the pet relationship
    ✅ Comfortable ergonomic design

    Have you had difficulty communicating with your pet? Our Clicker makes the training process easier and more fun, strengthening the bond between you and your pet.

    ✅ Perfect training aid
    ✅ High quality and durable
    ✅ Several colors available
    ✅ Also works on cats

    The training clicker is a useful tools to train dogs through positive strengthening. This is how it works:

    1. Click people: An exercise clicker is a small device that makes a characteristic clicking sound when you press it. This sound is used as a quick and clear way to communicate with your dog.

    2. Conditioning: First you teach your dog to understand that the click sound is followed by something positive, like a reward. This is called conditioning. You can do this by clicking and immediately giving your dog a treat or favorite toy.

    3. Reinforcement of desired behavior: Once your dog understands that the click is a sign that he has done something good, you can use the clicker to mark desired behaviors. For example, if you are training your dog to sit, click just when he sits. Your dog then associates sitting with positive reinforcement.

    4. Immediacy and precision: The click sound is quick and precise, making it easier for the dog to understand what it is being rewarded for. It eliminates any delay in time that can occur when giving a reward manually.

    5. Continuous training: Continue using the clicker to reinforce desired behaviors and teach your dog new skills. Be consistent and patient during training.

    Click training is one effective method to learn dogs new things and strengthen positive behaviors. It is important to supplement clicker training with rewards like the dog enjoy, as eg: candy, dry food, carrot or toys, to make the training positive and rewarding for your dog.👍

    Give your pet that attention and training help it deserves. Invest in Clicks and see the era relationship flourish. Buy now and create stronger bonds with yours four-legged friend!

    Training Clicker - With Wrist Strap

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