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Guaranteed a happy dog! 🐶

The IQ MAX is a fun and challenging activity for the dog. You simply hide dog treats or dry food in the pockets and roll up the mask. 🤎

🐛 Multifunctional, reduces binge eating
🐛 Useful training for your dog
🐛 3 in 1 - Toy, stuffed animal, exercise

🐛 The cute toy has 3 built-in squeakers. Dogs like beeping sounds The toy can either be rolled up in the shape of a snail or unfolded into a straight worm, with hidden holes to hide some food in the toy for the dog to sniff, find and eat food. It helps to activate your dog.

🐛Train their sense of smell.
You can interact with the dog, such as tug of war, pulling, swinging, flopping around, tossing up, pulling to calm your dog's boredom and anxiety and avoid your dog from becoming bored and engaging in destructive behavior. The squeaky dog ​​toy is designed in thick velvet material that is suitable for teeth and cleans the teeth.

🐛 The funny toy
is very easy to clean, it can be washed in a washing machine or by hand. Suitable for small, medium and large dogs If you have any questions about the product , please contact or chat with us

Play, train, fight and have a lot of fun together!🐕

Our training toy, the IQ-MAX, is something your dog will love and appreciate immensely! 🐛

Excellent size to take on adventures!💚

Fill with treats, beep beep beep, Let the dog search and use it and train his senses. Fight with your dog!

Hide candy or dry food and roll up!🧡

Your four-legged friend will love the simple joy of looking for rewards and activating both brain and body. The IQ-MAX is the perfect training toy to keep your dog engaged and happy. 🐶✨

Wash in washing machine or by hand when needed!🌟

No matter how much fun you have together, you can always make sure the toy is in top condition for your four-legged friend. 🧼🐾

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