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Challenging food bowl for the dog🐶

Sniffing is a dog's nature and they can feel satisfied by sniffing while being rewarded and satiated. This bowl is easy to use and you only need to place the treat or food on one corner of the bowl or fill the whole, and the dog can start using his natural searching skills.😍
Dogs can exercise and have fun at the same time as they search for food, and it can increase their interaction with you. Soft and environmentally friendly, and safe material easy to wash and keep clean.🌟


The dog food bowl is made of high-quality plastic and has a uniquely designed pattern with deep compartments to slow down the dog's food intake. The food bowl is available in 3 different shapes and is easy to clean. It is also available in different colors to suit your style and your home.💚


Reduces the speed of the dog's food intake a ''slow feeder'' dog food bowl can help reduce the speed of the dog's food intake which can reduce the risk of digestive problems such as bloating, vomiting and diarrhoea.🐾


Promotes natural behavior dogs have a natural instinct to sniff and to find food, this dog food bowl allows the dog to use their natural behaviors and stimulates their mind.🐶


Extends meal time by reducing the speed of the dog's food intake, extends meal time which can reduce the risk of overeating and weight gain. ✅


Motivates mental and physical stimulation requires the dog to work a little harder to get the food, which can provide mental and physical stimulation.🐕


Helping to improve digestion by forcing the dog to eat more slowly, this dog food bowl aids digestion by breaking down food better and increasing the absorption of nutrients.


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